Deal or No Deal: How to Play Evolution’s Popular Live Game Show

What is Deal or No Deal, how do you play and where can you play online for real cash? In this guide, we will look at the popular TV show turned online game and reveal all.

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Live game shows have taken the Indian online casino scene by storm in recent years. One of the best products out there is Deal or No Deal Live. This entertaining and immersive game, created by Evolution Gaming, gives you a real game show experience via your computer or mobile.

To help you understand the rules and what you can win, scroll down for our guide on how to play Deal or No Deal and where it’s available.

Is Deal or No Deal a Live Casino Game?

Yes! In fact, the Deal or No Deal online game is one of the most popular live casino offerings from Evolution. Alongside the likes of Dream Catcher and Crazy Time, this live game show brings something different to the mix when it comes to online casino gaming in India.

In fact, as we’ll explain in the next section of this guide on how to play Deal or No Deal, its dynamics are slightly different to other live casino games. Why? Because it’s multi-layered. This means the action plays out across three different stages.

For example, other live casino games online tend to have a single round of action i.e. you place a bet, something happens, and the results are processed. A Deal or No Deal game is different. You first need to qualify for the main game.

Then, from there, you can adjust your bet size before you enter the picking process. The picking process, if you’ve not seen Deal or No Deal before, requires you to open boxes. These boxes determine which cash prizes stay and which ones go!

How to Play Deal or No Deal Live

Now we’ve given you an outline of Deal or No Deal India, let’s talk specifics. The following steps will explain the rules. From there, we’ll give you the steps required to start a game and play. So, if you’re ready, here’s our Deal or No Deal how-to-play breakdown:

Deal or No Deal How to Play: Game Objective

The rules of this game are fairly simple to understand. Just like the TV show, your job is to choose a mystery box to keep for yourself. You then go through a process of opening other boxes that contain cash prizes.

Each prize you reveal gets removed from the board. Then, at set intervals, the Banker gives you a cash offer to stop playing and take a prize. The Banker’s offer is based on the prizes left in play and the number of picks you have left.

If you accept the Banker’s offer, the game comes to a stop. Because this is a live casino game, other people can continue. However, your participation is over once you take the Banker’s offer.

If you reject the Banker’s offer, the game continues. This means you keep opening boxes when prompted by the live dealer. The process continues until you either decide to take an offer or you’re only left with two boxes.

Getting down to two boxes means there is one on the game board and the other in front of you. The box in front of you is the one you choose at the start of the game. At this point in a Deal or No Deal game, you can keep your own box or swap it.

Once you’ve made your decision, the final reveal takes place. Whatever box you’ve got is the prize you’ll receive. The value of your prize will be random but within a certain range. This range is determined during the first stage of the game, but the maximum you can win is 500x your bet.  

Deal or No Deal How to Play: Game Rules

A Deal or No Deal online game is split into three stages:

Stage 1

This is where you find out how much prize money you’ll be playing for. You place a bet and spin a three-reel bank vault. The outcome of this spin determines the maximum payout in the main game. The Deal or No Deal Live jackpots range from 75x to 500x.

Stage 2

Once you’ve set the main jackpot, you move on to the second round where you can top up your prize using multipliers. Before that, you need to spin the reels of the bank vault again and try to align three gold segments.

If you don’t spin in three gold segments, it’s game over and you lose your bet. Naturally, you can start again, so it doesn’t mean you’re locked out forever, but you will have to make a new bet.

If you line up three gold segments, you’ll get to choose one of the game’s 16 boxes. Finally, you’ve got the option to top up your payout potential by between 5x and 50x. Doing this increases the size of your bet, so you don’t have to do it.

Stage 3

Once you’ve qualified and set your bet/prize multiplier, it’s time to play the main Deal or No Deal game. This is where you get to open boxes. The Banker will stop play at set intervals and make you an offer to quit. If you accept, the cash is yours.

If you reject the offer, you keep playing until you get an offer you like, or you’re left with two boxes. Regardless of whether you accept an offer and take the prize in your box, the money is credited to your Indian online casino account.

Where to Play Deal or No Deal Live

OK, so that’s the basics covered. You now know the aim of the Deal or No Deal online game. You also know the rules of engagement and the steps required to play for cash prizes. The final thing to cover in this Deal or No Deal how to play guide is the where.

Where can you play the Deal or No Deal game in India? The answer is simple: at some of the best online casinos in India. This real-money live game show from Evolution Gaming is available at many of India’s top casino sites.

Some of the best Deal or No Deal Live casino sites in India are Big Baazi, Lucky Spins, and 9Winz. To help you find the ideal place to play, read our Indian online casino reviews.

From there, use the secure sign-up links listed within the reviews. Create an account with your favourite online casino in India and claim the latest promotions. Finally, once you’ve verified your account, make a deposit, go to the live casino lobby and select the Deal or No Deal game.

Once you’ve placed a bet and made it through the qualifying rounds, a friendly dealer will be there to guide you through this impressive live casino game show.