Guide to Playing Ludo for Real Money

What is Ludo, how do you play and where can you play online for real cash? In this guide, we will look at the popular Indian board game and reveal all. Read on if you want to become a Ludo expert.

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Ludo is known as one of India’s favourite board games, but now you can also get involved by playing the game online.

On top of this, you can also test your skills by playing the game for real money at Indian casinos, which is what we are going to focus on here as we take a look at the game in depth.

The History Behind the Game Ludo

Ludo is a game that many will know, and the memories of playing this game as a family in the past will certainly stick with some players who are now getting involved online.

The in person version of the game is played between 2-4 players, and is something that has been played for hundreds of years, in many countries around the world, including India.

How to Play Online Ludo for Real Cash

The Ludo board online is exactly the same as the board you would use at home, so if you’ve played before, you will feel comfortable at the start. Four colours are on the board, yellow, green, blue and red, and you will need to choose one of these as your game colour.

As for what you have to do in Ludo to win your money, here is our look at the online game version to get you started….

Aim of the Game

Each player has four pawn pieces, and the aim of the game is to get all four pieces into your coloured triangle that is in the middle of the board. Each pawn piece begins in your coloured pen, meaning you need to first release them from the pen, and then take them to the triangle.

The first step is to get your pawns out of your coloured square, and the way to do this is to roll either a four or a six with the dice. When your pawns are out, take them to the triangle in your colour that is located in the middle of the board.

The online version of this game has multipliers which we will look at later when we get to the prizes you can win, and skulls to look out for. Skulls will send your pawn back to the pen and you will need to release them again.

How Online Ludo Plays Out

The game plays out very simply, with each player taking it in turns around the board. You roll the dice and move whatever pawn you can, based on the roll you receive. Each player gets one turn, there is nothing in the game to give additional turns or take them away, and no change with this, regardless of how many players are in the game.

The game continues until there is a winner.

Mobile Ludo

Winning, Prizes & Payouts

The winner of the game is the first to get their four pawns from the start to their coloured triangle in the middle of the board.

There is nothing else to do, and it doesn’t matter how you do it, the simple objective is to get this done.

One variation with the online version of this game can impact the amount you win. This is with multipliers that are on the board, which can be picked up and used as a way of increasing the amount of money you are paid out, if you are lucky enough to be the winner.

Strategies for Success

Ludo is a game of chance and risk, so in terms of a strategy, there is no set way to ensure a win, because it ultimately depends on the luck you have when rolling the dice.

However, there are some tips you can look at, and these are all based around how you move your pawns around the table. The biggest numbers to look out for are 4 and 6, as these are the two numbers that get your pawns out and onto the board.

Also, if you are looking for ways to increase the money you win, look out for multipliers, as these can add to your prize total if you are lucky enough to land on them.

Who Should Play Ludo Online?

If you love playing Ludo the board game, and you are looking to take that to the next level, then Ludo online is made for you.

This game is a great test, but one that can be easily played, because of the reliance on luck, rather than needing to concentrate and fulfill a particular strategy. With this in mind, it is a great game for relaxing, so if you are looking for something that won’t test your brain too much, but will bring enjoyment, then this is exactly the type of game that you can play on a mobile casino site.

Where to Play Ludo for Cash?

The online game of Ludo is growing, and it is now included on some new casino sites like NetBet, so if you want to get involved with the game, this is where you are going to find it.

The game is formatted as a gambling game, with a cost to play, and an amount of money to win if you are lucky enough to be the winner. With that in mind, the online version of this game will always be on casino sites, and if it grows, it will be thanks to casinos offering it to their players.


Is playing Ludo online legal?

Yes, the key here is down to the casino site that you play it on. There are many sites offering these, if you want to play legal Ludo online, you need to make sure that the site you are playing on has a license in place to offer gaming.

Can I play Ludo online in India?

Yes, there are many casinos that offer gaming to the Indian market that you are able to sign up with and then head into their games list to find Ludo online.

Can I play Ludo for real money?

Yes, casino sites offering Ludo will allow you to play for real money if you wish to.