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The Indian cricket team is a top choice for sports betting in our nation, driven by our passion for both cricket and supporting our national team.

Cricket offers a plethora of betting options, each with its own set of odds, making it a challenge to pinpoint the most favourable bets. However, we’ve taken the initiative to identify the best cricket odds for your convenience.

We provide a comprehensive overview of various betting types, guidelines on how to place bets using these options, and tips for effectively comparing odds.

Indian Cricket Team – Betting Types

Cricket, unlike many other popular sports, offers diverse formats, including Test cricket, One Day Internationals, and the more recent Twenty Twenty. Each format comes with its unique set of rules that can influence the odds of success.

Consequently, you’ll encounter a wide array of betting options and associated odds.

Our starting point is to explain the more common betting types and their respective odds.

Head to Head Indian Cricket Bets

In the realm of cricket, head-to-head bets stand out as the most popular and straightforward wagering option.

Head-to-head, quite literally, involves predicting the outcome of the match: whether it will be a victory for the Indian team or the opposing side. If your prediction aligns with the actual result, you secure a win and receive a payout. Conversely, if your chosen team falls short, you lose both your bet and the amount wagered.

When assessing head-to-head odds, it’s crucial to focus on the payout. A lower payout for the Indian team signifies that they are considered the favourites to win. Conversely, a higher payout indicates that their chances of victory are deemed less likely.

There are instances where the payout value may not justify the risk of placing a bet. For instance, if the payout is merely 1.05 for a wager, it’s typically not worthwhile due to the minimal potential return.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to scout for the best odds, as this not only mitigates the risk of sustained losses but also augments potential long-term gains.

Totals (Overs and Unders)

Ranked as the second most popular cricket wager, Totals betting adds an exciting dimension to the game. It entails summing up the total runs scored by both the Indian team and their opponents and making a prediction about whether this sum will fall below or surpass a predetermined threshold established by the betting platform.

In essence, it’s a matter of evaluating the expected run tally in a match. If you anticipate a high-scoring contest, you’d likely favour the “Over” option. Conversely, if the conditions suggest a low-scoring battle, you’d opt for the “Under.”

When engaging in Totals betting, it’s imperative to go beyond just the odds. You must also factor in the specified threshold for “Overs” and “Unders.” While more favourable odds certainly work in your favour, this is contingent upon the context of the set threshold.

Hence, it’s not merely about identifying the bookmaker with the most attractive odds; it’s also about discerning the threshold that aligns with your expectations. Thus, when exploring different sports betting platforms, it’s essential to scrutinise both the odds and the threshold for “Overs” and “Unders” to make informed and advantageous betting decisions.


Futures betting is a fascinating realm in the world of sports wagering, as it goes beyond singular events and delves into the intricate web of interconnected possibilities. One common example is speculating on the victor of a test series, such as the intense cricketing showdown between India and Australia.

The allure of futures bets lies in their versatility, presenting an array of intriguing variations across various sports betting platforms. However, this wealth of options can also pose a challenge when seeking to identify the most advantageous odds.

In the intricate world of futures betting, distinctions abound. Different sportsbooks offer varying payouts, terms, rewards, boosters, and even distinct rules. These nuances are paramount and demand a discerning eye when navigating the diverse landscape of futures bets.

For the more prevalent future wagers, like forecasting test series outcomes, comparative analysis of odds is feasible. However, caution should be exercised, as even the slightest disparities between odds and terms can significantly impact the overall value of your bet.

Therefore, as an informed bettor, you must not only understand the diverse dimensions of futures betting but also develop the skill of astutely discerning between these multifaceted offerings, ensuring that you maximise your potential gains while minimising potential risks.

Special and other bets

Cricket, a sport celebrated for its elegance and complexity, offers a distinctive betting experience that sets it apart from the world of sports wagering. In this realm, you can delve into the captivating domain of “specials,” a category of bets not as commonly encountered in other sports.

These “specials,” also known as “Prop bets” in American terminology, open up a world of intriguing possibilities. Unlike conventional bets on match outcomes, cricket specials allow you to venture into finer details of the game, placing wagers on specific events that contribute to the overall drama and excitement of cricket.

Imagine being able to predict the highest run scorer in a match or the number of boundaries, including fours and sixes, that will grace the scoreboard. You can even take your cricket betting adventure to the next level by speculating on the mode of dismissal for the first wicket, whether it will be a clean bowled, a spectacular catch, a leg-before-wicket (lbw), or an electrifying run-out.

Navigating the world of cricket specials is both an art and a science, offering unique challenges and opportunities. The task of comparing and discovering the best special odds can vary in complexity, contingent upon the specific nature of the special bets in question.

For major cricketing events and tournaments, you’ll often find a convergence among various betting sites, with many offering identical betting specials. This scenario facilitates odds comparison and allows you to make well-informed choices with relative ease. However, when venturing into more obscure or niche specials, the landscape changes.

In these instances, the availability of odds can be limited, as not all bookmakers may provide offerings for every nuanced aspect of the game. This scarcity of odds for less common specials necessitates a more discerning approach to identify the best available options.

Ultimately, your ability to unearth the best special odds in cricket betting is a captivating journey, one that blends your knowledge of the game with the astute evaluation of bookmakers’ offerings. As you explore this distinctive realm, you’ll uncover a world of possibilities and enjoy the thrill of betting on the finer intricacies of the sport you love.

Multi Bets

Multi bets, also known as accumulators or parlays, are a strategic approach to combine several individual bets into one cohesive wager. This consolidation not only reduces the initial wager amount but also amplifies potential winnings by multiplying each bet’s odds. The allure lies in the prospect of winning a substantial sum with a modest investment.

However, multi bets come with a significant caveat. In order to claim a victory, every component bet within the multi must succeed. If even one of these individual bets falls short, the entire multi bet is considered a loss. Consequently, the odds of emerging victorious with a multi bet are notably less favourable compared to a single, standalone bet.

To effectively gauge the odds for a multi bet, it is essential to meticulously examine each individual bet across various sports betting sites. This comprehensive analysis involves not only assessing the potential returns but also understanding the likelihood of success for each individual wager.

Mastering the art of multi bets entails a careful balancing act, where the potential for higher rewards is weighed against the increased risk associated with multiple bets. As you embark on this journey, you’ll discover the thrill of strategic betting, where the right combination of events can lead to exciting victories while recognizing the need for a prudent and well-informed approach.


In-Play betting, a relatively recent addition to the world of sports wagering, is a testament to the transformative power of technological progress. This dynamic form of betting opens up a portal to real-time action as sporting events unfold before our eyes. With In-Play betting, you’re not merely a spectator; you’re an active participant, making predictions and wagers on unfolding moments that can shape the course of the game.

With a cricket match, as the game progresses, In-Play betting empowers you to make bets that were once inconceivable. You can now speculate on who the next Indian batsman to depart will be, or you can venture a prediction on the identity of the next wicket-taker. These bets unfold in real-time, mirroring the ebb and flow of the live game itself.

The allure of In-Play betting lies in its ability to transform you into a virtual coach or a clairvoyant who can read the game’s pulse and anticipate its twists and turns. It’s not merely about predicting the final outcome; it’s about interpreting the unfolding drama and seizing opportunities as they present themselves.

However, the rapid pace of In-Play betting can be both thrilling and challenging. The need for quick decisions and the constant evolution of odds can make it slightly more complex. In such a fast-paced environment, comparing odds and placing bets requires vigilance and precision.

One strategy to navigate the intricacies of In-Play betting is to operate multiple betting accounts. By doing so, you can easily exploit the advantages offered by various sports betting websites, ensuring that you secure the most favourable odds. This approach empowers you to be agile in your betting choices, capitalising on the platforms that offer the best value as the game progresses.

In essence, In-Play betting is a riveting evolution in the world of sports wagering, where technology transforms you into an active participant in the unfolding drama of your favourite sport. It’s a realm where your insights, intuition, and ability to act swiftly can translate into exhilarating victories, making every moment of the game count in more ways than one.

How to place a bet on the Indian Cricket Team

If you are ready to get started with betting on the Indian cricket team, follow these simple steps:

  • Choose a sports betting site that offers bets on the Indian cricket team
  • Register by entering your details
  • Claim the free bet bonus
  • Wait for your account to be activated, which only takes a few minutes.
  • Choose a payment method and make a deposit with Rupees
  • Go to the cricket section of the betting site, and look for the Indian Cricket team.
  • Select a betting type, and place a wager.
  • Submit and enjoy the action!

How to find the Best Indian Cricket Odds

Comparing odds is extremely difficult if you were to manually search through each sports betting site. However, on our site, we’ve managed to perform all the hard work for you to display the key betting odds from the majority of sports betting sites that accept Indians and rupees. Finding the best Indian Cricket Odds is therefore quite easy. Look at each sports betting site, their odds, and sign up bonus. You will then be able to choose the best odds for you.

What is the best strategy for Indian Cricket Betting

For casual bettors we understand that betting is placed with your heart. Therefore, simply choose the sports betting site with the best odds. Simply go to our recommended sites for the Indian Cricket bets and select a favourite.

For others with a long term strategy of betting on the Indian Cricket team, you may want to consider opening several accounts and even think about the match betting strategy, whereby you can take advantage of free bets and maximise returns.

Will the Indian Cricket Team beat Australia in Test cricket?

The Australians are famous for being ruthless on the field, with aggressive fielding and sledging. And on flat dry wickets, their batters can beat the best of any team. But when it comes to our Indian pitch surfaces, the Australians crumble against our wicked spinners. The Australians aren’t accustomed to spin bowling and are easily bamboozled with soft behind catches.

There answer therefore depends on where the test is being hosted. When in Australia, the Australians have a clear advantage, however back home in India, the Australians generally melt under our spin attack.

Can India win the One Day World Cup?

One dayer’s have dramatically changed in strategy over the years, with teams now changing their test team players with one day team players. The one dayer teams usually have stronger hitters and/or have an excellent strike rate. India is very strong with a combination of big hitters and strong bowlers and always has a chance with finishing towards the top of a One Day International and world cup.

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