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Betway is one of the most well-known sports betting and casino brands around the world, with services open to many different countries. But is Betway legal in India?

There should be a simple answer as to whether or not Betway is legal in India, but given the grey area in Indian betting laws, the answer is far more complicated than it should be. Here we take a look at the legal status of Betway in India, how they compare to other gambling operators in the country and what the Indian gambling laws say for players who are looking to wager.

How do Betway Work Around the World?

Rather than trying to build around just a small number of countries, they have set their stall out to expand into as many countries as possible. What they do to aid this is they offer a service that feels local, and caters for the needs of a specific country, and then repeat this across a number of other countries. This is exactly what they have done in India, offering a service that is a worldwide betting and casino service with a local Indian feel to it, which pleases those who play with them.

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So…is Betway Legal in India?

The simple answer here, before we go into more complicated things, is that Betway is just as legal as any other betting or casino website in India. They are all of the same level when it comes to how legal they are, no particular site is deemed illegal, or completely legal, while the others aren’t.

Regarding Betway specifically, they hold a gambling license that legally allows them to offer their services to players. This includes casino gaming and sports betting, so they are legally allowed to operate around the world.

Company based in Malta

Betway are not an Indian company, which means they do not fall under Indian jurisdiction. If you look at the betting laws in India, they state that operating a gambling company inside India is illegal. Betway are not inside India, so they are not breaking any laws by offering their services inside the country.

Betway are based in Malta and abide by the laws of the Malta Gaming Authority. This means their online betting activities are held to account by one of the strictest gambling licenses in the world.

So, when you break it down like that, there are two possible ways in which Betway could be operating illegally, and they are not doing any of them. This is a company that holds a license for gambling, and one that is not based in India.

Had they broken any of those two, we could clearly see that they were breaking the law and were an illegal bookmaker. This is not the case, the laws that are in place are not being broken, so they have to be deemed as a legal gambling provider.

To answer the question…is Betway legal in India? They are not illegal and are not breaking any of the Indian gambling laws.

Is Betting and Casino Gaming Legal in India?

It is this question that causes many of the problems for people who are looking at gambling and trying to work out whether it is legal or not.

The Indian gambling laws are simply outdated, and do not refer to things which are vitally important right now. There is not mention of online betting, or betting with providers who are in other countries, because when the laws were made, this wasn’t available and not something that anyone thought would be possible.

Obviously, we are in a position where things are different and the real need here to clean things up is for an update to the Indian gambling laws. Those who like to bet and play games should note though that if the country really wanted to ban gambling, they have had many years to update those laws, and still have not done it.

Online Rules

As things stand now, the laws in India for gambling relate to people placing bets or playing games for money in India and operators running a gambling business from India. When you play online, you are not using an Indian operator and you are not placing your bets in India, they are taking place in another country, so as far as the strict gambling laws go, you are doing something that is fine.

This does certainly fall into a grey area though and is the reason why many people want to check if their gambling site is legal or not. Whether you are playing with Betway or anyone else, the legalities are all the same because every single operator works outside of India, you just need to check they have a gambling license in place.

Can Players Trust Betway?

Anyone who has looked for an online casino or betting site to use from India will see that there are many available. As we have just explained, if they have a gambling license then all sites are just as legal as each other.

So after you have worked that out, the rest all comes down to trust, and whether you can trust your operator. Betway are a brand you can certainly trust, with a strong reputation around the world.

They continue to build and grow into new countries and pick up new players, so they are clearly doing something right and making their customers happy. Something else that Betway have in their favour is the payment methods they use, a big part of trusting your provider as this is all focusing on your money.

What do they Offer?

They offer local Indian payment methods, as well as many big international names, so you can choose from a long list of ways when it comes to making a deposit and sending funds. This should make you feel comfortable when sending them, but not only that, it also shows you that companies want to work with Betway and help them offer their service to players.

When you choose a gambling site to use, you should go with one that offers a strong service and makes you feel comfortable on the site. However, as you play, the trust you have for them is only going to build up over time.

With strong payment methods, a brilliant downloadable Betway app and an excellent overall service, Betway will quickly allow you to build up your trust with them, a reason why so many people from all parts of the world enjoy playing with them. 

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