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If you enjoy Indian online casino gaming and want to try something different, we’ve got the thing for you. Live casino game shows are a great way to have fun, interact with like-minded people and play for payouts topping 10,000X. So, to find out what the best live game show is, scroll down for our complete guide.

History of Live Game Shows

Live game shows are an offshoot of live dealer table technology. The first live casino games sprung into life back in the early noughties. Fusing RFID technology with digital overlays, these games quickly became popular with players wanting a more immersive experience.

Indeed, with live dealers on hand to oversee the action and interact with players, the technology soon took hold. Within a decade, live casino software suppliers such as Evolution Gaming were building mega-studios to host many games, including blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker.

As established developers like NetEnt and Pragmatic Play began developing their own live dealer games, the catalogue of options available to players grew. Within a decade, online casino sites had gone from offering two or three basic live casino games to hosting interactive game shows.

Today, there are plenty of choices. Players wanting something traditional can play classic casino games such as blackjack and roulette. Anyone that desires something a little more innovative can try bonus-payout versions of casino classics, such as Lightning Roulette.

Then, for players who want something completely different, there are live game shows. Combining the thrill of better with the character and charm of a TV show, these games are truly unique within the Indian online gaming world and a must-try for anyone that values entertainment and engagement.

How to Play Live Casino Game Shows

Playing live game shows online is easy. The first thing you need is an account with one or more of our recommended Indian online casino sites. These games can only be played for real money. Unlike slots and digital table games that can be played for free in demo mode, you need to make cash bets to play live game shows.

This is because the cost of running these games is slightly higher than offering a digital casino game. As well as the software and technology that goes into streaming each game, operators need to cover the cost of running a live studio and employing the best dealers available.

So, even though you can class live dealer game shows as a premium product, the extra cost is worth it. Why? That’s something we’ll cover in the next section. For now, just know that live casino online game shows offer a much greater level of immersion than their digital counterparts.

Now we’ve explained how live casino games can only be played for real money. Here are the steps you need to take to join the action:

1. Find an Indian Online Live Casino

  • Read our Indian online casino reviews.
  • Find your ideal online casino/s and use our secure sign-up link/s to create an account.
  • Complete the registration process and verify your account.
  • Make a deposit and wait for the funds to clear.

2. Find Live Games Shows Online

  • Go to the live dealer lobby of your chosen casino.
  • Find a live game show and load up the software.
  • Read the game rules so you know the objectives and payouts.

3. Play a Live Game Show

  • Don’t exceed the maximum table limit when betting. Place a bet equal to or greater than the minimum table limit.
  • Wait for the software to detect your bet. (The digital overlay allows you to make a bet on your screen. It then gets recorded by the game’s software and stored in a database)
  • Once the dealer says, “no more bets”, they’ll set the game in motion.
  • Watch the action unfold. RFID sensors within the game will track and record what happens. This data gets sent back to the game’s software database.
  • The data from the RFID sensors gets cross-referenced with the betting information stored in a database. If a match is found (i.e. your bet matches the result), you win a prize.

What are the Best Live Game Shows?

There are plenty of top-quality live casino games out there, but which ones are the best? The simple answer is that any game you enjoy the most will be the best.

When all is said and done, casino gaming is a personal experience. The games you like might not suit someone else and vice versa. However, to give you some idea of what’s popular and the options try, here are some of the top online live game show products in India:

Deal or No Deal

This live game show is divided into three parts. The first stage of the game requires you to place a bet. Once you’ve done this, a prize wheel spins, and the aim is to line up three gold segments. If that happens, you choose a mystery box and progress to the second round.

The second round allows you to add more money to your briefcase by making a second bet and spinning the prize wheel. This is optional, so you don’t have to make an extra bet. However, if you do, the wheel will reveal a prize multiplier that gets added to your box.

The final round is where the live game show starts. The host of the game appears and opens boxes. Each box reveals a cash prize that gets removed from the board. The action pauses at set intervals and the Banker will give you an offer.

If you take the offer, the cash is credited to your account. If you reject the offer, you continue playing. The aim is to take the best offer possible or continue opening boxes until only yours and one on the board are left. The maximum prize in the Deal or No Deal live game show is worth 500X your bet.

If you choose to reject every offer and go all the way, you’ll get to open the box you chose at the start or swap it for the one left on the board. Once you’ve decided, the box in front of you is opened and the prize inside is yours to keep.

Monopoly Live

Another popular live game show Indian online casino players enjoy is Monopoly. Taking inspiration from the classic board game, this live dealer offering sees you take on a prize wheel. For those who have already played live casino game shows, Monopoly is like Dream Catcher.

That means you can bet on one or more of the following options: 1, 2, 5, 10, 2 ROLLS and 4 ROLLS. If the prize wheel stops on one option you’ve bet on, you’ll win a corresponding prize:

  • 1 = A prize worth 1X your bet size
  • 2 = A prize worth 2X your bet size
  • 5 = A prize worth 5X your bet size
  • 10 = A prize worth 10X your bet size
  • 2 Rolls = You get two rolls of the dice during the bonus game. Depending on the squares Mr Monopoly lands on, you could win prizes worth up to 10,000X.
  • 4 Rolls = You get two rolls of the dice during the bonus game. Depending on the squares Mr Monopoly lands on, you could win prizes worth up to 10,000X.

The table above shows what’s possible in terms of outcomes and payouts. The defining feature of this live game show and something that makes it different from Dream Catcher is its bonus features.

The Rolls icons will activate a bonus game where you travel around a Monopoly board collecting prizes. Besides the bonus game, Monopoly Live has chance segments that contain mystery prizes ranging from instant cash to multipliers.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher was the first popular live game show from Evolution Gaming. All you have to do to play is bet on one or more of the numbers. If the wheel stops on a segment showing your number, you win a corresponding prize.

The betting options and prizes available in Live Dream Catcher are:

  • 1 = (23 segments) and a payout worth 1X your bet
  • 2: (15 segments) and a payout worth 2X your bet
  • 5: (7 segments) and a payout worth 5X your bet
  • 10: (4 segments) and a payout worth 10X your bet
  • 20: (2 segments) and a payout worth 20X your bet
  • 40: (1 segment) and a payout worth 40X your bet

The prize wheel can land on 2X or 7x. When this hit, the prize for the next winning number will be increased by the multiplier. So, if 7X hits and 40 spins in next, the payout for a winning bet is worth 280X.

Crazy Time

Another popular prize wheel-based live game show is Crazy Time. This Evolution offering follows a similar format to Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live. Its defining feature, however, is the fact it has 4 bonus games: Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko, and a virtual world called Crazy Time.

Besides betting on the bonus segments, you can speculate on standard numbers: 1 (1X prize), 2 (2X prize), 5 (5X prize) and 10 (10X prize.

Mega Ball

For something different, Mega Ball Live gives you the chance to play bingo with real dealers. You can buy up to 200 game cards, each of which has a random combination of 51 different numbers.

The dealer then draws balls at random from the hooper. The aim is to match all the numbers on a game card. And, just for some added excitement, the Mega Ball will multiply your prizes.

Football Studio

The final live casino game show worth playing is Football Studio. This is one of the easiest live dealer games to play because you only have one decision: home win, away win, or a draw. Choose the right result and you win a prize.

What makes this live game show even better is the fact it takes place in a football-themed studio. On top of this, live football results scroll across the screen, so you feel fully immersed in the world of sport as you play.

Live Game Show FAQs

Are live casino games shows fair?

Yes. All live casino games and studios are regulated. This means the operators have to prove all the games are 100% fair and safe. Also, you get to see the action play out in real-time, so you know everything is legit.

Can I win real money playing live game shows online?

Yes. These are real-money casino games, which means you can place cash bets and win prizes topping 10,000X your stake.

What is the minimum bet in live game shows?

You can play live game shows at the top-rated Indian online casinos by making a deposit and staking less than 95 rupees.

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