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Lotto Agent is a safe, secure and trustworthy lottery site which accepts customers from India. With nearly a decade of experience they are a good place to purchase international lottery tickets from.


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12% Discount on all Tickets - Promo code JACKPOT2022

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Lotto Agent may not have the big headlines that some other lottery agents have grabbed, but this site has been in operation since 2012, and is run by vastly experienced people. Their knowledge of online lottery gaming is a real bonus here, and they have used that to bring together some of the very best lottery games, all available for Indian players to play.


With a Lotto Agent account, you can purchase your tickets for the upcoming draws around the world, and here we take a look at their service, including what other elements they have to offer players.

Lotto Agent India

Lotto Agent offers worldwide lottery gaming to players from India. They do this thanks to a gambling license from Curacao, so they are both licensed and regulated, giving players peace of mind.


Since launch in 2012, Lotto Agent has put together a wide range of games for players to try out. These include all of the big names, so if you are hunting the very biggest jackpots on the planet, you will find them here.

Can you Trust Lotto Agent?

This is one of the most asked questions when it comes to lottery gaming and using agents. It is vital that you have trust in place, this will make your experience far better and ensure that you enjoy things, rather than worrying about your money and any potential winnings all of the time.


First of all, Lotto Agent holds a gambling license from Curacao, which is vitally important. This shows that they are regulated, and have to prove they are maintaining specific standards to the gaming authority of Curacao in order to keep their license. The site is secure, with an SSL certificate in place, so any transactions you complete on the site will be locked in and safe.

Buying a Ticket at Lotto Agent

Then there is the actual ticket buying process at Lotto Agent, something else to put you at ease. Here is how this works:

With this process in place and a clear list of what happens at each stage to follow, players should feel at ease on this website and playing via Lotto Agent.

Lotto Agent Welcome Offer

New players can take advantage of the welcome offer available at Lotto Agent to get them started. This is 12% discount on all lottery tickets forever! Just enter promo code JACKPOT2022 to get the offer.

Alongside this, Lotto Agent have further offers you can use during your time playing with them to gain an advantage and here are some of them.

12% Discount on all Tickets - Promo code JACKPOT2022

» All the BIG jackpot games
» Accepts INR


Payment Methods

When you want to add funds to your account, there are a total of eight different payment methods that you can use. However, it is important to note here that only three of them allow you to deposit in Rupees, for the others you will have to use US Dollars.


The methods that allow deposits in Rupees are Visa, Mastercard and Maestro cards, these offer a direct payment into your account without using a third-party.


Alternatives to the card options are Skrill, Trustly, Sticpay, Neteller and WebMoney. These allow you to make a deposit into your account with US Dollars as the currency, which is worth remembering if you are looking to use any of these.


The final point to mention is that all payment methods offer 0% commission, with the exception of WebMoney, which has a 4% commission attached to it, so look out for that.

Withdrawal of Winnings

Similar withdrawal options are available to players, but these all have different terms attached to them. You cannot make a withdrawal using Neteller, but you can use all of the other payment options listed above. There is one additional withdrawal method, this is a direct bank transfer.


Here are the terms attached to each method:


Visa, Mastercard and Maestro withdrawals are minimum $15, and a maximum of $3000. These are subject to 5% commission or a minimum of $3.50 and take 1-3 days to process.


Skrill has the same minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts and the same time frame given, but with 2% commission attached.


Sticpay is the same as Skrill, with one exception which is that the maximum withdrawal is $4000.


WebMoney has the same minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts as Sticpay, but offers a shorter prcessing time of 1-2 days and also just 0.8% commission.


Larger transfers are sent across via bank transfer. The minimum for this is $1000, while the maximum is $100,000. Both processing time and the commission attached varies using this method depending on the figure.


If you win more than $100,000 then withdrawal options are discussed privately between the player and the customer support team.


Lottery Games Available at Lotto Agent

There are many lottery games available at Lotto Agent, so you have a great choice as a player. Not only that, but there is a lot of information about each lottery on the site, which is good to see and really helps players.


By selecting the lottery you will find details about draw dates and times, the cost of a ticket, what prizes are given out and how you win. This is perfect for anyone new to lottery gaming elsewhere, or players who want to find a new lottery to get involved with.


Lotto Agent covers all of the big names from around the world, allowing players to get involved and try their luck at winning some of the biggest jackpots out there.


Here are just some off the names you will find on the site:

Syndicates at Lotto Agent

Lotto Agent have a syndicate page where you can get involved with others and try to increase your chances of a win. Not every draw is available for syndicating, so look at the main syndicates page if you want to find out where you can play like this.


You don’t need to know anyone, or set something up with friends, this is all done online and put in place by Lotto Agent. They bring together players who want to be involved in syndicates and put them together online, buying group tickets between the players collectively.


By playing in a syndicate, you will have multiple tickets and more chances to win, however if you do win then obviously you will have to share the winnings with other people in the syndicate. These are usually aimed at the biggest prizes though, so even if you only get a small share, this is still highly likely to be a life changing sum of money for you.

Casino Games at Lotto Agent

At the moment, Lotto Agent does not offer casino gaming of any kind on their website. This may be something that they add in the future though, so look out for this happening if you want to try and find one site where you can play casino games and place lottery bets with one account.

Lotto Agent App

You don’t have to buy your lottery tickets via Lotto Agent on a desktop computer. If you prefer, you can play on your mobile phone and there are two options to do this, depending on the type of phone that you have.


If you are an Android user, you can download the Lotto Agent app to place bets via your mobile phone. This can be downloaded direct from the Lotto Agent site, so log on and look out for it, download the .apk file, log into your account and begin to play.


There is another option for those who do not have an Android phone, and this is to play directly on the website via your mobile browser. This can be done on any phone that has a mobile browser installed on it, you just need to head to the site and login as you would do so on a desktop.


With these two options, lottery gaming is something you can take with you and something you can do without being tied to your home. All you need is your mobile phone and a connection to the internet, either using your phone’s own internet connection or local wi-fi.

12% Discount on all Tickets - Promo code JACKPOT2022

» All the BIG jackpot games
» Accepts INR


Customer Support

Lotto Agent have covered all the bases when it comes to customer support, which is great to see. We all hope to never need the customer support team, but if you do they can be contacted around the clock in three different ways.


You can speak to a member of the team via live chat, which is the easiest way to get a quick answer. Alternatively you can send an email to the support team, with responses here expected to come within 24 hours. The final option is a phone line, although it must be noted here that this is an international line, so you will be charged for using this.


The support team work 24 hours a day, which means someone is on hand to help you regardless of the time you are on the site and looking to do something.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to like about the Lotto Agent service here and if you are looking to play worldwide lottery games then this is the place to do that. They have a wide range of games for you to choose from, and you can get all the details about these games on the site if you are looking for something new and want to play for the first time.


They have covered a lot of other good areas too, which is nice to see. They have mobile play available, are fully licensed and secure, offer many payment options and have 24 hour customer support in place if you need assistance while you are playing.


All of this together, combined with the new player welcome bonus and other regular bonuses to give you a good deal while playing and the site comes highly recommended for those wanting to play lottery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Lotto Agent really be trusted?


Yes, this is a registered and licensed gambling site, with everything in place to give you trust in them. If you win big, you can trust that you will receive your winnings.


What happens if I win a big jackpot?


To claim winnings over $100,000, you will need to contact the customer support team to arrange how you are going to receive funds from the site.


Can I use winnings to buy more tickets?


Yes, when you win you will receive the winnings back into your account. You can leave these here to pay for more lottery games if you wish.


Do Lotto Agent charge commission?


Yes, they charge commission however this is based on site withdrawals, not on site winnings. You will only be charged when taking your money out of the account, not every time you have a winning ticket.