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Ezugi are a big player in the casino gaming industry, though it will come as no surprise if you haven’t heard of them. They are not one of the bigger, well-known brands out there and the reason for this is because they focus on one specific type of gaming.

What Ezugi creates is a range of live dealer casino games that they provide to the casinos that have deals with them. If you have never stepped inside a live online casino, then you will never have seen an Ezugi game before.

However, they are an incredibly important part of the casino industry, and have played a role in the growth of this type of game, something that is only going to get bigger over the coming years.

We have seen growth in live gaming, and assuming that continues over the coming years, companies who deal exclusively with live games such as Ezugi are only going to be more in demand and become stronger.

Ezugi Logo

Company History

Compared to some developers out there, Ezugi are relatively new although that is no surprise when you remember that they focus specifically on live dealer games. Go back a decade and these were not very common at all on casino sites, so there wasn’t much scope to be a developer solely in this field.

Now we are seeing more, so companies such as Ezugi can thrive and move forward. The company was founded in 2012, and those at the very beginning were veterans of the gaming industry. They saw a particular need and potential opening for a company and they went for it. The way that live dealer games have grown over the years has shown they had great foresight to see what was going to happen.

The business plan is a very simple one, provide fantastic live dealer games that can be played on the web or on mobile, and get them out to as many casinos as possible. As things stand today, Ezugi has grown into a company that has nine different studios around the world, they offer a total of 20 different games and have deals to partner with over 100 casinos.

Indian Games by Ezugi

Ezugi have to make games that will appeal all around the world, but that does include India so they have focused on this area. This has brought us one of the most popular Indian games of all time to our screens, Andar Bahar.

Ezugi have a version of this game available and of course this remains hugely popular with both players from India and the surrounding areas and casinos that offer their services in these areas.

Elsewhere they have a big focus on games that are popular around the world. These include roulette, blackjack and baccarat, games that are played on a daily basis by millions of people. All three of these games have more than one version of them, as players look for new and inventive ways to play classic games that they love.

All of the games created are set in very nice looking studios. The dealers are all professional and try to enhance the games on offer by interacting with the players in between rounds and trying to make the gaming fun.

Top 3 Games

Focusing on live table games, Ezugi have some huge classics to choose from and here are their top three games which are currently available to play.

3. Blackjack

A classic battle between the player and the dealer, blackjack is a game that is loved by millions. The key to a good live blackjack game is all with the dealer. These need to be professional, but they also need to know when to be serious and play the game and when to have a little fun with the players.

The Ezugi blackjack offering comes with more than just one version of the game. Look out for rooms with slightly different versions and ways to bet, all adding to the quality of the service.

2. Roulette

We can’t really talk about one of the biggest live casino gaming companies without mentioning the most popular table game of all time around the world. Roulette is a game that pretty much everyone knows about, and many people will have tried their luck on a roulette wheel from time to time.

This game is simply a game of chance, you place your bets and spin the wheel to see where the ball lands. The brilliance of the game comes in how you bet, you can go safe with red or black, odd or even, or you can go for individual numbers or groups of numbers to increase the odds on your bet.

Roulette is a worldwide classic and the second best game that Ezugi offers.

1. Andar Bahar

We can’t have a rundown of a casino developer that offers Andar Bahar without putting this game at the top of the pile. Although the game is mainly popular in India and surrounding parts of Asia, it is a massive game that draws a huge number of people.

This Indian classic is available to play 24/7 inside any casino that takes this game as part of the Ezugi service, and if you haven’t played it online before, it is certainly worth a try.

What Can Players Expect?

Ezugi deserves a lot of credit for finding a place in this market before anyone else and that has allowed them to grow and have a strong range of games on offer. They have all of the old classics, including multiple versions of some games which is great to see.

The rooms these games are played inside all look great and fresh, while the dealers are known for being professional and good at what they do.

When you play a game from Ezugi, you can expect a seamless game that works just as well on your mobile as it does on your computer.

This is a company that looks sure to grow even further as live gaming continues to shine, so look out for much more from them in the future.