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If you know the names of a handful of casino game providers then the chances are that you will know Play’n Go. They have an excellent reputation in the gaming industry and this comes for two reasons.

The first is that they have a wealth of experience, and have been a company to move with the times and embrace any new developments and changes that the industry brings in. The second is that they have created a lot of games over the years, and continue to release new ones on a regular basis, so you cannot really miss them.

Play'n GO Logo

To begin with, the focus for Play’n Go gaming was all on their slot collection, this was the only type of games they produced. However, as time has moved and the gaming industry has changed, they have moved themselves and now offer table games and even bingo alongside their slot titles.

Slots continues to be the main focus, with far more games in this category than anywhere else, but it isn’t their only focus anymore.

Play’n GO History

Play’n Go was founded back in 2005, so are now one of the more experienced software providers within the casino industry. As mentioned, their first games were all slots, an area which was really growing at the time so that comes as no surprise.

However, now that we are seeing casinos diversify and offer different games, so have Play’n Go. They offer bingo, both with a fixed odds format and also with video bingo. This is a game that is really on the rise, with many casinos seeing how well online bingo halls are doing and adding their games to the service.

Table gaming has also seen a big rise, with titles such as roulette, poker and blackjack being popular with players online, so this is where Play’n Go have put their focus by creating games of their own.

The company has a total of five offices spread around the world to help them grow, though their main focus is Europe where they have four out of their five offices based. An Asian office is the other, this is in the Philippines and serves the Asian market, which includes India.

Early on in their time as a game provider, Play’n Go decided that mobile gaming would be the future and this is where they wanted to put their main focus. Now we can see just how right they were, and while this was a brave move, it was certainly a sensible one and one that has really paid off for them, catapulting them into the company that we see today.

Online Casino Games by Play’n Go

In terms of India in particular, Play’n Go does not focus on the country. However, they do focus on the Asian region from their base in the Philippines, which is good for Indian casino players to know.

Many of the casino games that have been created by Play’n Go in the past are worldwide games that will appeal to players from many countries. This has helped them create a broadened appeal for their brand, but if you are looking for specific Indian games or Indian themed games then this is not the type of company who will create those.

One area of their service that does help Indian fans though is that their games are all mobile compatible and work great on smaller screens. This is a common way to play in India, so serves the country and its players well.  

Top 3 Casino Games at Play’n GO

Over the years, we have seen some great titles come out from the Play’n Go gaming studios, some that have gone on to be very well received by players and turned into worldwide classics.

Here is a look at the three best games they have created for us.

3. Rally 4 Riches

If you want to combine a little bit of sport with casino gaming then look no further than Rally 4 Riches. This is one of the older titles from Play’n Go, a classic already that offers very good, and also very simple gameplay. Look out for the car symbols which flood the reels, car fans are going to love these and they combine with fruits, a classic from the slots genre, which the background of the game really sets the scene.

2. Sabaton

This game was released back in 2019 and is the first licensed game that Play’n Go added to their collection. Sabaton are a Swedish metal band, with this game being focused around them as well as the general music theme. For those who are fans, this is a huge game, but anyone who likes music will enjoy the theme of this one.

1. Diamond Vortex

A recently released game and a sign of where this company is right now, and where they are heading in the future. This is an excellent slot title, one that is going to quickly gain a lot of fans around the world because it looks great and offers fantastic graphics and gameplay.

We see things here that we have not really seen before anywhere, including a hexagonal gaming board, moving reels and zone mechanics. This really is state of the art slot gaming right in front of our eyes.

If you want to play a game from the future, or you are bored of the current slot offerings, then this is where you need to be looking. It may not quite be the most popular Play’n Go game just yet as it is a new release, but expect this game to grow into something huge over the coming years.

What Can Players Expect?

What Play’n Go has demonstrated to us so far is their ability to read the future very well. They came onto the market at the right time, moved to the forefront of the mobile gaming shift and are now creating games that offer features we didn’t expect to see for many years.

If you are a fan of the industry and want to remain on top of the latest cutting edge developments then this company will bring those to you. They are striving to grow into a bigger and better company, and considering what they have shown us so far, you certainly wouldn’t bet against it.