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$40 Million Minimum Jackpot

Ticket Cost: $2 (₹144)

Draws per Week: 2 (Tues & Fri)

Chance of Winning a Prize: 1 in 24

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Mega Millions is another classic American lottery and has been around since 1996. Back then though it was known as the Big Game and could only be played from six states in the US. Over the last two decades Mega Millions lottery has gradually increased in size to become one of the biggest and best. Online lottery sites have opened up Mega Millions to the rest of the world – including India.

Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot

The Mega Millions jackpot always start at $40 million and increases by a minimum of $5 million per draw until the jackpot is won by one lucky customer. Two draws take place each week – one on Tuesday evening and one on Friday evening.

Will you be as lucky as this guy? In October 2018, one player scooped the biggest ever Mega Millions jackpot – an insane $1.537 billion. This was only the second time in history that a lottery prize passed the billion dollar mark. But amazingly there was only one winning ticket, therefore it was the world’s largest ever lottery prize won on a single ticket.

How to Play Mega Millions Lottery Online

The Mega Millions Lottery works in much the same way as the Powerball Lottery, with a few small differences. If you want to play Mega Millions Lottery online from right here in India then simply register with a lottery site which we recommend on Lucky Dice (at the top of this page).

Once you have asigned up for an account at an online lottery site, navigate to their Mega Millions section where you can begin to choose your numbers. It’s worth noting at this stage that a single ticket will cost you $2 (₹144). You have to pick six numbers – five different numbers from 1 to 70 and one number from 1 to 25 (the Mega Ball). If you don’t have any lucky numbers you can simply choose the Quick Pick option and you’ll be assigned six numbers at random.

Mega Millions has a couple of exciting aspects which makes it stand out from other lotteries – Just the Jackpot and Megaplier. Let’s take a look at them now:

Just the Jackpot – this is a special offer where for a price of $3 (₹216) you can buy two plays for the jackpot only. So basically this offer is exactly what it says it is. This offer is ideal for those of you who are only interested in the big prize! It’s worth noting that Just the Jackpot tickets are not eligible for any other prize levels – so that means you will win big or lose, you can’t win one of the lower level prizes.

Megaplier – this side bet works in exactly the same way to the Powerplay in Powerball. It’s a side bet that will cost you an extra $1 (₹72) and will multiply non-jackpot prizes by 2, 3, 4 or 5 times. The Megaplier ball is drawn before the main draw from a pool of 15 balls; five are marked with x2, six are marked with x3, three with x4 and one with x5.

What are Your Chances of Winning?

Take a look at the table below which shows the odds of winning each prize. Here you can see what your chances are and what you could win with a lucky ticket. With Mega Millions you have an overall chance of 1 in 24 of winning a prize of some sort – obviosuly these odds go up pretty rapidly when you are talking about the top prizes.

Odds of Winning Mega Millions
This table shows your odds of winning the various prizes in Mega Millions.
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