Teen Patti Rules

Before you play any card game, you need to be aware of the rules. The Teen Patti rules are simple to follow once you know the basics. In this article we are going you give you a brief overview on the rules of Teen Patti so you can become confident when playing.

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Teen Patti is one of the most popular card games out there, especially in India but across many other parts of South Asia. While many people know how to play Teen Patti and have done for many years, this is not the case for everyone out there. Of course, we see many new players joining in with Teen Patti.

If you are a new player, it is incredibly important to understand the Teen Patti rules, to avoid you losing by making mistakes or failing to pick up on things. Here is a look at the main rules of Teen Patti to ensure you know everything you need to before you play online for real cash.

The Rules of Teen Patti

Good news for those who are new to Teen Patti and looking to play for the first time, the rules of this game are nice and simple for you to follow. However, it is vitally important that you know them and understand them as you begin to play, otherwise you will not begin well and start by losing many games.

Ranking of Hands

When you have your dealt cards, what you are aiming for is to have a sequence that is better than any other. This is the same process as playing poker, if you have played that before.

The highest sequence is a trio or trail, where you have three cards all the same, and the ace is the highest of these, nothing can beat three aces in this game. The different sequences go all the way down to having a high card, which is the smallest sequence you can get as a player.

There is a dealer involved in this game, which is someone who you will find in the rules. This person deals the three cards to each player at the table. The rules state they must do this in a counter-clockwise way, beginning with the player who is next to the dealer as being the first to receive cards.

Playing Blind or Looking at Your Cards

When playing Teen Patti, you have the option to play blind, which means you play the game without looking at the hand you are dealt. This is a decision you make after players all play an equal amount into the pot to start the game.

This decision will determine how the game develops from here, so is an important one to make while you are playing, and also something important to understand when you are learning the Teen Patti rules. The value of your stake when playing the game is determined on whether the player before you and the one before them has been playing blind or not.

Playing Blind means a chance of a Higher Stake

If they are playing blind, stakes remain the same as the original value deposited, or they can be doubled. If the person two places in front of you is a seen player then the player in front of you can either go with the current value or they can half the stake. If both players are not playing blind then the stake value either remains the same or can be doubled.

Betting on the game continues until all players except one folds their cards. Whoever is the last player remaining is the player who wins the game and takes all the money in the pot. If all players fold except two, one of these players can challenge the other to ‘show’. Again, these stake values depend on whether the players are playing blind or not.

Competitive and Experienced Teen Patti Play

What you will notice when you begin to play Teen Patti is that many players who take part are very competitive and the games are both fun and exciting to be in, while also being a challenge. It is a game that not only attracts people from India, but also others from around the world, and if you are playing in an online casino, you will find yourself on tables with players from many different countries.

Poker Players Could Prosper

The game does feature many rules that are very similar to poker, and this has enabled the game to go worldwide, as poker is a very popular game in many different countries. However, the finer details and smaller Teen Patti rules are the ones that you really need to get a grip of and learn, so you can really take every opportunity that comes to you in the game.

This is a genuine advantage you could hold over others. While some players out there will be far more experienced than you, especially when you start playing as a newcomer, there is no doubt that you can put yourself ahead of them from a knowledge perspective, which could be important.

Those who don’t go in depth with this game will be found out from time to time, and while you may not have the experience that some others do, if you know and understand the game better than them, you can certainly beat them.

Variants of Teen Patti Rules

When you have a strong understanding of the basic version of Teen Patti, your learning is not done there. This game has a wide range of variants, which are often based on one or two rule changes, to bring a different element to things.

As a new player, it is incredibly important to understand the basics and play regular Teen Patti for a long time to build up some experience. However, it is certainly worth knowing that when you have completed this journey and you are looking for something else, you don’t have to leave Teen Patti, you can simply move onto another variant.

This means, in the same way that poker does for many players, all of your learning is something you will keep for life. If you want a different type of game or something that is more complex to play then you don’t have to move away from Teen Patti. The variations on offer will keep this fresh, so as you begin to learn how to play Teen Patti, know that this knowledge will be with you for a lifetime.