Guide to playing Hi Lo Online for Real Money

If you are interested in playing Hi Lo online, where can you expect to find it? In this guide, we will look at this popular game and help identify gambling sites where you can play the game. We will also provide new players with an easy to grasp walkthrough, so they can begin playing this Indian favourite at online casinos today. With that said, let us begin…

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Hi Lo is not only one of the most popular card games available to play, but given its simplicity, it is also one of the first games that many new card players turn to. If you are looking for a way to start card gaming, and you want a simple game to get you up and running, Hi Lo is certainly the game for you.

All around the world, people enjoy a game of Hi Lo, and that includes in India, where card games as a whole are popular, and Hi Lo is one of those that people like to play.

The History Behind Hi Lo Game

Hi Lo is a game that has been played for many years, this game was played long before the online version was available, with people meeting up and getting together to play games such as Hi Lo. All you need to play this game is a pack of cards, so it is accessible, and that has aided the growth we have seen in popularity.

How to Play Online Hi Lo for Real Cash

The online version of the game works in exactly the same way as the offline version with a pack of cards, so if you’ve played offline before, you will be able to dive straight in online, whether it be on your mobile or desktop.

However, the difference is that with the online game, you bet on the outcome of the next card, rather than being the player yourself and looking to pick the right card. When you place bets, you are betting on either higher, lower or snap, and the odds for each will be determined by the cards which are on the table.

Aim of the Game

The aim of Hi Lo online is to place a bet on what the next card will be and get it right. When you are ready to bet, you will be presented with the odds on offer for each of the three outcomes, and these will be based on the number of cards left, and which card you are looking to bet on.

For example, if you have a nine on the table, you can bet on another nine, or higher or lower. If you go lower, the odds will be quite small, as there are many options to be lower than a nine. Alternatively, if you go higher, the odds are going to be much bigger, because there are not too many cards above nine.

How a Game of Hi Lo Plays Out

The game of Hi Lo is one that is played with a live dealer, so you don’t have to do too much as a player, except for watching what happens and then choosing the bets you are going to place.

The dealer will flip a card which is the starting card of that game, and the first which you will bet on. When that is done, the new card is flipped to reveal the outcome, and this is also then used as a card to bet on.

Each time you bet, there is another card flipped to give the outcome, and then this card becomes the next card which you can bet on.

Hi Lo Game
Hi Lo Table

Strategies for Success

In terms of strategies, these all focus around your betting strategy, and your knowledge of the game. The card drawn will be random, but you can work out what could happen, given the cards which are left on the table.

It is vital that you understand what cards could come out, so you can work out how many chances you have of winning, compared to the odds on offer. Alongside this, you need to have a clear betting strategy in place. Are you going to play it safe with low odds, or go for the bigger odds selections to try and win big? There is no right answer, but you do need a strategy, to avoid betting based on each hand and getting lost in the moment.

Who Should Play Online Hi Lo?

The Hi Lo online casino game is ideal for anyone who loves to play card games or live games with their casino. On top of this, the game is very simple, which means it is perfect for newcomers who want a simple and easy to play game first up to get them started. Once this game has been mastered, players can move on to more complex card games like Blackjack or Poker.

This all means it is open to many players and is a big reason why the game continues to be so popular.

Where to Play Hi Lo Online for Real Cash

If you would like to play Hi Lo online then casinos that are available online will likely have the game as part of their service. With the game being very popular with Indian players, casinos that service the country of India are likely to have this, and other games which are popular with players from India.

Given the popularity of this game, it is already available on most casino sites. Assuming the growth continues, those who don’t currently offer the game are likely to do so in the coming years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to play Hi Lo online?

Yes, if you would like to play legally online then you can as long as you find a site offering Hi Lo that is licensed and regulated. The sites we feature on Luckydice are all licensed and regulated, meaning all of our featured sites are fine for you to use.

Where can I play Hi Lo online?

There are many options for those who want to play Hi Lo online. Many sites offer this at the moment, and that is only expected to grow in the future as the game continues to rise in popularity.

Can I play Hi Lo for real money?

Yes, if you would like to play Hi Lo for real money then casino sites allow you to play this game with them and place real money bets on the outcome of the game if this is what you are looking for.