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Asia Gaming are growing around the world, though they have a far bigger reputation and customer base in the Asian market right now. Those away from Asia, may never have heard of them, and may never have played one of their games before.

Asia Gaming as a company will be hoping that in a few years from now when they have worked harder on their worldwide reputation, this will no longer be the case.

What is favourable for Asia Gaming is that they offer a wide range of game types. From live casino games that you can play along with a dealer to slot games to play alone, they cover many bases.

It is this broad appeal that has helped them put together a strong reputation in the Asian market, one that they are now looking to turn into a global reputation. What is great for Asian gamers is that they know and understand the market, as well as offering games which are popular around Asia.

This is great news for Indian fans, who know that Asian providers know and understand their market far better than those from Europe or America who offer games to the Indian market.

Asia Gaming Logo

Company History

Asia Gaming was founded back in 2012, and with a sole focus on offering their products in the Asian market, it was a slow start from them. Things have improved at a rapid rate in recent years when this company has found its feet and started to branch out, offering their games elsewhere in the world.

It is fair to say that Asia Gaming deserves some credit for the things they have created over the years. They have been able to put together the world’s first pre-dealing six cards experience and a VIP private room for their top players.

When it comes to baccarat, Asia Gaming have really made big strides here, this is one of the games that they have put additional focus on, so if you like baccarat then make sure you give Asia Gaming a go.

Squeeze baccarat, IntelliMode baccarat and interactive bid baccarat are all advancements that they have made in this game alone. They have also worked on a strong mobile platform too, showing they know that the future of gaming is likely to be on mobile devices.

Indian Games by Asia Gaming

Thanks to their start in the Asian market, and of course their name, this software provider company has put together a lot of games that are based around the Asian market, including India. The company are now looking to build and move out further afield, so what they are trying to do at the minute is create games that will appeal to the mass market around the world, not just in Asia.

However, the great news for Indian players is that those classic Asian titles that this company created in the early days are all still there for you to play.

They have focused on baccarat as we have mentioned before, while they also have strong Asian games such as bull bull, sic bo and dragon tiger amongst classics like roulette and blackjack which have been designed to appeal to the mass market.

Top 3 Games

Asia Gaming create both live games and slot games, to cover all bases in their service. However, they are best known for their live gaming platform and for that reason, our top three games that Asia Gaming create all come from this.

If you are looking for a way to get into Asian Gaming games then here is our look at the very best they have on offer for Indian players. 

#3 Win Three Cards Live

Some people may know this game as golden flower, depending on where you are from. It is an incredibly popular game across all parts of Asia, including in India.

The dealer will deal three cards to dragon and phoenix and then the player will bet on which hand they believe to be the best. Side bets are also included in this game, for those who have mastered the basics and want to try and land a big win by using their game knowledge.

#2 Live Roulette

Roulette is one of the biggest casino games anywhere around the world. It is popular in Asia, India and everywhere else you can think of. The game offered by Asia Gaming is a live version of European roulette, which is probably the biggest version of the game out there.

This version of the game has some nice features that Asia Gaming have put together, including the ability to zoom right in and focus on the roulette wheel alone. The variety of bet types you can place on this game make it constantly appeal to players, regardless of your experience, which is why it is one of the most popular casino games of all time.

#1 Baccarat Live

Scroll back up to the features we said earlier about the advancements that Asia Gaming have made with their baccarat service and it is no surprise to see this game at number one for the company.

For those who like baccarat, this is the place where you need to head and play. The live version of this game is excellent from Asia Gaming, offering high quality games, a great dealer experience and many features you will not find anywhere else.

If you have now read enough about Asia Gaming’s Top 3 games then why not try them for real at Jungle Raja.

What Can Players Expect?

What players can expect is a company that continues to grow and move over into the mainstream a little more as they look to expand their worldwide reputation.

Through their back catalogue you will find a range of games that are more focused to the Asian and Indian casino market, so if you are looking for these then look at their older titles.

We will see new Asian and Indian games coming through, but perhaps not as many as the company looks to create titles that fans around the world are going to love.

This is an up and coming company in terms of worldwide reputation, but they have a solid base in India and have a track record of top quality casino games.