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When you think of casino game developers, one of the first that many people will mention is NetEnt. They are one of the biggest and most important developers we have right now, and many smaller teams often try to replicate what they do, as they clearly have the winning formula.

Those who play a game created by NetEnt will instantly know this to be theirs, the games they create offer players what they are looking for – excitement, features, the chance to win big and fun.

 NetEnt Logo

All Round Excellence

One of the things that makes NetEnt stand out from the crowd is their diversity. They don’t really have a speciality or one type of game that they constantly produce, they offer it all.

The team are at home working on games like video slot titles, while they also create table games, card games and even those with live dealers for people looking to find a more personal casino experience.

If you have played inside an online gambling site and experienced a range of games, there is a very good chance that one of the games you have played was created by NetEnt.

Company History

NetEnt was founded in 1996, so during the boom of online casino gaming, they have been involved in the industry. Despite a number of other providers coming along during this period, NetEnt have managed to keep their place at the top of the pile.

They currently have more than 200 games available that casinos can add to their portfolio, while that figure is also relevant for another reason. Over 200 casinos have NetEnt games as part of their service, which shows the size of the backing that NetEnt has in the industry, many people recognise them as a company to be with.

The company was founded and still has its headquarters in Sweden, though they also have other offices in key gaming areas of the world, with more than 1000 people working for them in those. They include the UK, Malta, Gibraltar, India and the USA. Many of these places are key in the gaming industry, so it is significant that NetEnt have an office in them all.

Indian Games by NetEnt

With NetEnt being a worldwide company that has to appeal around the globe, they don’t tend to focus too much on specific areas for games. However, they have done this on one occasion for India and this was with the release of Bollywood Story.Slots Bollywood story

As you would expect from a game based on Bollywood, there are great colours and symbols on show here, this is a very flamboyant slot game that will appeal to those who enjoy playing games that look great.

Watch out for a variety of different characters on the board, these are the higher paying symbols on the slot. The game has five reels and just nine paylines, so it is the type of game that new slot players will be able to try without feeling too confused as they play.

Top 3 Games

NetEnt have created some of the biggest and most memorable casino games of all time and here is a run down of their top three games.

3. Gonzo’s Quest

This game may be a little old now, but it is still a firm favourite for many players. At the time of release, this was an industry leading slot with features that few games had seen before, including falling reels.

Gonzo's Quest

These are now commonly used, but if you want to know where the original idea was grown then look no further than Gonzo’s Quest.

2. Mega Fortune

This game was released back in 2014, but that doesn’t stop people from logging on to play on a daily basis now. The game is a jackpot game, with a feature known as the wheel of fortune multiplier. Over the years, there have been few features talked about as much as this one, and many of the current jackpot games are built using this as a standard bearer.

The game has produced many big wins in the past and offers players the chance to change their lives.

1. Starburst

Released back in 2011, there is no doubt that Starburst has stood the test of time. Millions of casino gamers around the world will have played this game, and even those who have found new games to play will keep coming back to this title.Starburst

You only need to look at how many casinos offer free Starburst spins to their players to get a feel for how well liked and respected this game is in the industry. Starburst can be played at sites like 22Bet, Royal Panda and many more.

It is simple, effective, fun to play and has an ability to draw players back time and time again with its infectious gaming style. Starburst is one of the greatest games ever made, and the highlight of the NetEnt package.

What Can Players Expect?

There are two qualities that underline what NetEnt is all about. These are diversity and quality, they produce a wide range of games and they always strive to bring the best quality they possibly can.

If you play a specific type of game, such as jackpot slots, roulette, live games or anything else then there is a strong chance that NetEnt has something for you. They are happy to be diverse, and do not focus on one particular gaming area. For this reason, many will have played and enjoyed their games in the past.

The second, quality, is easily seen when you look at anything they have created. We’ve just mentioned some of their best games, these have been around for years. They are so good that people keep going back to them, playing these games instead of the newer games made by others which may offer better features.

It is a real testament to NetEnt that this is the case, and it shows the kind of quality you can expect from them when you see a game that has been around for so long continuing to be so popular with gamers.

Those looking for casino games should always check out what NetEnt has on offer.