The Different Variations of Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a legendary card game across India, but the variations of it are endless. In this article we take a look at 19 Teen Patti variations, some of which you can play online.

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Teen Patti is an incredibly popular game in India, but also in many parts of Asia. This game of cards is also known by some people as Flush or Flash, but the majority of people will call it Teen Patti.

What makes this game a little different and unique to others is the fact that this game is one game, but one that has many different variations, which all add little twists to the play. If you are joining in with a game, make sure you know which variation you are playing, and understand how to play.

What the variations do is keep this fresh, people have played Teen Patti for decades, and very few get bored because they can slightly change things up and make the game a little different.

So, what are the different variations of Teen Patti? Those who are experienced players will know many of these, but perhaps not all. We have seen variations of the game rise in popularity thanks to online casino gaming, where you can play different types of real cash Teen Patti.

Here is a look at the many variations of Teen Patti.


You may also know this as Lowball, it is one of the more popular variations of the game. Here you play in exactly the same way as the standard version, but the ranking of the hands are completely reversed, so the worst hands become those you win with.

Plus Sign

Here each player gets three cards dealt but then we have a plus sign made on the table with five other cards. These five cards are joker cards, which players can choose and use to their advantage when there is a show.


As the name of this game suggests, here players must get as close to 9-9-9 with their cards as possible. The 10 and royal cards all have a value of 0 as players aim for the best hand which is any suit combination of 9-9-9.


This game is named after the AK47 rifle, and uses the A, K, 4 & 7 cards in particular, which are the jokers in this variation of the game. These can all be used to substitute any other card, with the remaining standard Teen Patti rules being the same.


The dealer gives players three cards and adds three open jokers to the table. It is at this point where players can choose whether they are in or out. In means continue, adding another bet to the pot, while out means the player folds without adding another bet.

4x Boot

This game is exactly the same as standard Teen Patti, with the exception of one thing. The boot value, which is the bets you put into the pot before starting, is 4x the value in this version.

Rotating Jokers

Rotating jokers is a game that has differences when players fold in the game. When they do that, their open card becomes a joker card that all other players can use, and as other players fold, their open card becomes a joker too.


Players receive six cards in this version, and make three hands from those of three, two and one card, the player chooses how they do this. Each hand is then played separately, and to win the overall game you need to win two out of the three rounds that take place.


Players agree on the pot fee beforehand, and then are dealt three cards. At this point, with the draw version you can choose to discard and replace one of your three cards, providing that you put the designated amount into the pot again.


This is the same as in-out above with one added feature. On this game, there is a temperature card drawn after players have declared themselves in our out. This card, if A to 6, means the lowest hand wins, if it’s 7 to K, the highest hand wins.

Closest to 555

During the first two rounds of this game, players have the choice to exchange a card for one in the pack with this variation. As the name suggests, the closest to 555 is the winner, all numbers have their value and 10, A, J, Q, K all have a value of 0.


There are two versions of this game, with three or five cards. Essentially the game is inspired by Texas Hold’em Poker, with community cards in the middle of the table that all players can use to form a variety of different hands in a bid to win.


Players are dealt their hands and then on top of this, two piles of cards are placed in the centre of the table. These are then bid on by players, the winner of the auction gets the new cards and the total paid gets added to the game pot.

Sudden Death

The full deck of cards is split between players on the table. The game begins with players dropping cards from their hand until one shouts to stop. At this point, hands are made using the remaining cards that each player has, with the highest winning as normal.

High-Low Split

Rather than one winner on this version, we have two. The pot is split between two winners, one who has the highest hand and one who has the lowest hand, so you have two different pots that you can aim for in the game.

Pack Jack

Players get dealt their cards here and we also have three jokers in the middle of the table. When a player folds and leaves the game, their cards then become jokers on the table, and this happens when every player leaves, so their cards can be used by the remaining players.

Buying Joker Seen and Unseen

Each player has three cards, and the first part of the game is two rounds of buying jokers. The first round, players buy their own jokers, the second is jokers for the table that all players can use, and then after this the game proceeds with normal joker rules in place.

Folding Joker

Each player gets four cards, one of those is kept unseen on the table. From the other three, a joker is created for the entire table. As players fold from the game, additional jokers are added because their unseen card then becomes a joker for others to use in the game.


The Cobra version has no option to fold, players go until the end. The game is played with one card, players put them on their forehead, so they cannot see their own card but can see the card of every other player. The player with the highest card wins the game.